Hoosh shortlisted for the 2012 Andre Simon Food and Drink Book Awards

2012 Food and Drink Book Awards shortlist (Andre Simon Memorial Fund) There are so many fantastic food and wine books published each year that it is a real pleasure for all the trustees to reward the months and years of hard work by the authors, … [Continue reading]

Death of Antarctic writer Nicholas Johnson

Nicholas Johnson

Nicholas Johnson, author of Big Dead Place and a close friend, took his life on November 28, 2012. Nick's death is a heartbreaking loss to his family, to his friends, and to so many of us that knew him as an essential part of the Antarctic community. … [Continue reading]

Antarctic Eats (New York Times Book Review)

Antarctic Eats (Rebecca P. Sinkler/New York Times Book Review) And then there was the hunger, the persistent, maddening, gut-cramping hunger. You thought, dreamed and talked of little but food. Forget that other primal urge. The closest you got to … [Continue reading]

Douglas Mawson, Hunger Artist (Hoosh excerpt)

"Douglas Mawson, Hunger Artist" from The Smart Set  Like the inhabitants of other former frontiers, we Antarcticans like to think that the successes, the failures, the noble or ignoble exploits of our pioneers become essential narratives for those … [Continue reading]

A new book about Antarctic cuisine satisfies foodies and historians alike (Review)

A new book about Antarctic cuisine satisfies foodies and historians alike (Jeff Inglis/Portland Phoenix)  As you nurse your post-Thanksgiving food coma back to normality, spare a thought for the men and women in Antarctica this holiday season. … [Continue reading]

Exploring the cuisine of the deep South (Interview)

"Soup to Nuts: Exploring the cuisine of the deep South" (Portland Press Herald/Meredith Goad) BRISTOL - Jason Anthony does not consider himself a foodie -- you know, the kind of person who by definition loves good food, can identify every last … [Continue reading]